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Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports: NY, NJ, RI, MASS, CT, MA and NH Fishing Reports: Updated August 8, 2009


Published on 08-08-2009 06:53 PM

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August is usually a slow month in the northeast. It does not mean there are not stripers or blues around, but it seems the fish take a bit of a vacation. But, that is not always the case as evidenced by Capt. Brendan McCarthy's monster striper last week and this week follows that rule just a little further up the coast. The spotlight this week is on Maine striped bass fishing where Capt. Eric Wallace reports that the fishing in shallow water has been fantastic. This is great news for a fishery that many considered was pretty much dead based on past years fishing. You'll have to read the report for the details, but you can trust that I'll be putting Maine and Capt. Eric on my list to visit.

August also usually marks the arrival of the bonita and albies in and around the Nantucket area and sure enough as clock work some reports are coming in that they arrived. Another surprise this week is the striped bass are still in and around Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Usually the bulk of the fish have left, not this year. All great news for the saltwater fly, surf and light tackle anglers! Read the reports for details. (This weeks top picture is from Capt. Phil Cronin from Capawock Chaters out of Martha's Vineyard of one of his clients nice catches over the last week.)

My apologies for the lack of many pictures this week, it's early and I am on my way out to the beach, but wanted to get this up before some waves made the report late. Next week I will be creating a gallery that will appear at the end of each week's report showing all the pictures that I receive.

Northeast Saltwater Fisheries News
Not all too much new news this week in the Northeast on the fisheries front. I imagine everyone is on their August vacation.

Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports
*note the northeast fishing reports work their way up the coast from south to north starting with New Jersey.

New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Bryan DiLeo from Iowa Fortune Guide Service fishing in and around Ocean City and Atlantic City reports in:
Well here we are in the heat of the summer, the bay is boiling hot, bait is everywhere,and the Bass are strapping on the feed bags on a nightly basis in anticipation of making the run south. With the waters in the backcountry a steady 78 degrees in the shallows, my attention for a few weeks has switched to running the 32' SeaCraft east to head offshore for all the Pelagics you could want. We kicked off my offshore season this weekend with an open minded approach but as always Dolphin and Tuna are on the top of the list. We had a great ocean over the past couple of days and it looks like the week ahead offers much of the same. Our run offered up some very fun action with all the Skip Jack Tuna you could want along with some very good sizable Dolphin action. As it always does it takes some time to run and locate the action but once we find it, it is fast and furious, especially when it comes to Mahi (my specialty). I believe that this season will be the season of Dolphin and will constantly be an easy target for those willing to target them both on light tackle and on the fly. This weekend's Dolphin bite was very selective, turning off baits on rotation after a few hook ups, on the fly for a few, then metal, then bucktails, with another eventually wanting only live bait and that's when you know the end is near. Fall will be here before you know it so now is the time to setting your sights on booking for the fall Bass run.

The Beach Haven Charter Boat Association reported in from Beach Haven: The boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have been catching a wide variety of fish in different locations the past several days.

Captain Carl Sheppard on the "Star Fish" reports Captain Vic went reef fishing last week off Beach Haven and caught plenty of black sea bass on the Garden Sate South Reef along with some fluke and bluefish. On Saturday Captain Carl went to the Barnegat Ridge for some nice sized bonito and Spanish mackerel plus some bluefish on the way in. Sunday was more of the same at the Barnegat Ridge for bonito and mackerel along with skipjack and frigate mackerel.

Captain John Koegler on "Pop's Pride" has also had a couple of good days on the bonito. He reports these are not the same bonito caught in the southern waters and make great table fare.

Despite stormy weather and some rough seas, Captain George Finck of "Sparetime Charters" and a member of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association has been able to put together a couple of bottom fishing trips. On one trip he slipped out between thunderstorms with Joe Hogan, his dad George and son Jack to the Little Egg Reef. They managed a nice catch of sea bass and fluke despite the rough seas. On another trip Captain George had his son Bill and grandson Billy along with some friends out for some fishing in Little Egg Inlet. Although they had no keepers, they enjoyed plenty of action on fluke, sea robins, and dogfish.
Captain Frank Camarda on the "Miss Beach Haven" reported a tough day last Saturday with just a couple of sea bass and a handful of keeper fluke. The pool winner was Darl Vanduler from Hamilton Township with a 6.4-pound fluke

The results were much better Sunday as the anglers on the boat had good action pretty much all day. The high hook was Mike Emers with 4 keeper fluke, and the pool winner today as Cheeseman John with a 4-pound fluke.

New York Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. John McMurray from one More Cast Fishing Charters reported in this with this hot report from in and around Jamaica Bay area: Still go'n good! I can't remember an August where the inshore fishing has been so good. Plenty of bass under the birds in the morning. Most fish are in the 24" range, but each morning we seem to be finding a few fish that are in the 30" size range. Real quality fish, particularly for this time of the year. A week ago they were on butterfish, but now they seemed to be keyed in on a brand new influx of peanut bunker. Lots and lots of peanut bunker around. The bass blitzes have pretty much been dying down by 8AM when the sun gets high. Which is fine as I've been shooting over to some of the local structure spots and throwing poppers up against the rocks and banging some monster bluefish. These fish are well north of 10-pounds with some upwards of 15 to 17 pounds. They are really strong and some jump like tarpon. Super fun and super aggressive, eating both flies and plugs readily. This is a slow time of the year for us as the fishing isn't generally thought of as being good, but I can tell you first hand, that it is indeed good! So give us a shout if you want to get out. Plenty of dates open. Oh, almost forgot, the offshore thing seems to allude me every time I plan to get out. The weather just hasn't been on my side this year. But the word on the street is that the bluefin and mahi are pretty thick out there. And the mahi are certainly catchable via spin and fly gear. So keep that in mind. It is indeed an option.

Capt Brendan McCarthy from Urban Fly Guides checked in with this report from in and around the New York City area: Out fishing, will report next week.

Capt. David Blinken of North Flats Guide Service fishing out of East Hampton, NY reported in: Not much has changhe from last week. Most noteworthy this year besides the crazy weather is the lack of birds over fish. Usually all one needs this time of year is a pair of glasses and fish can be located.I have been going to spots that over the years have produced and have my anglers cast and with in minutes there is a fish on.Bass are still in the shallows allthough there size is a bit smaller. They are also eating crab flies which is great fun to watch.The resession has had an effect on the fishing as well, fewer boats which means less pressure on fish. When we find a group they seem happier to please. Get out and fish!

Capt. Chris Hessert of Menhaten Fly fishing in and around the New York City area reports: Weather forecast was good to go Sunday with no front moving in till late afternoon, got the crew together and sailed @ 4 AM...sloppier than what the forecast said with 3 to 4 s on a 6 second spread. Got as far as Monster Ledge, wanted to continue to the Glory Hole but dropped the lines instead (after a 2 hour run into a southerly blow). No marks, no bait, until the reel started to sing like a Ducati in first gear ! that's one hell of a sound and is the cause of what makes us do what we do...half and hour later, a very sweet, thick 50+ pounder comes into sight. We were all screaming like viking that just sacked a coastal village...AWESOME.. Not 5 minutes later does thunder and Lightning crackle in background!
Throttle down for and hour in buckets! Finally pull into the marina WET, get cleaned up, shower, fresh garb and what does chef Laura do with the tuna I gave her for letting us use their state of the art kitchen to clean the beast? at Michael Anothony's (the new restaurant at Newport Yacht Club and Marina), black and blue, encrusted with sesame seeds and a little olio oil.. friggin heaven! . A good Sunday!... Will be running after the beast's for August and maybe get some Albies and Bonito's too...Capt. Chris

Connecticut Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Sandy Noyes from Rum Runner Guide Service reported in from in and around Stonington did not report in this week, we will catch him next week.

Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing Reports
Capt. Mike Duclos from Tiderunner Charters reported in from Long Island Sound from the Watch Hill reefs of Rhode Island to Orient Point, New York area:
What a pleasure it is to fish with fly guys that can cast on the deck of a pitching boat. Last Saturday we ran to Watch Hill at first light to catch the end of the incoming tide, I had two of Cabela's fly shop outfitters, Jon and Gordon on board; both very knowledgeable fly fisherman and both eager to catch fish.. After a couple drifts we settled to one of my favorite spots at Watch Hill and began to hook up, the first fish was a hard fighting Bluefish that cut off before landing, for the next couple of hours the action was pretty steady with two doubles on Stripers, talk about makng a guide feel good. On the turn of the tide we managed a couple more Stripers and one hot running Bluefish that had us thinking Bonito, but it was not. The hot flies were a small mushbouth and green and white deceivers, we had no luck fishing large herring flies, and settled down to all small flies. No birds and very few breakng fish, we fished structure blind and managed a dozen fish for the day. Have a good week, and tight lines to all. Capt. Mike Duclos

Cast a Fly Charters skipper, Capt. Ray Stachelek reports from RI:
Higher seas this week produced some mix results. Bonito have invaded our waters.

Lots of residual rollers from storms this week have changed the bait system offshore. Sand eels along the western side of Block Island are fairly dispersed. Limit surface action on windy days. Bluefish have dominated the southern shore over stripers. It's a mixed bag most mornings. Stay away from wire bites and use heavier mono instead. That will increase your striper to bluefish hook-up ratio. Last year there were tons of huge scup caught on a fly, this year none.

North Rip is fishing slower as most of the better fishing is moving toward the southern end. There are a few stripers during the early morning hours. The rip offers protections from the larger swells driven by the southwest winds.

The good news is that bonito have been running along the southern shore as of late. Look for them running the currents and turbulence along the twenty foot line. They love big water but don't look for them on top. Use a sand eel pattern.

A Dad Keeps a Promise to his Son.
Some parents seem to find an excuse when it comes to family commitments with their children. After all, parents work a hectic week. Leisure time is limited. Adults just don't want to hear it on weekends. This is not the case for this dad.

Dad is a busy executive in New York City. He travels around the country, controls a staff of personnel, has time mandates, and is always on the go.

Dad promised his three young sons some quality time bonding this summer. Each child had their choice of activities. Michael, the middle son, enjoys the outdoors. He spends part of the summer at outdoor camp learning about the environment. He has achieved some lofty goals. He's proud of his ability to survive in the outdoors, understands the beauty and the dangers involved. Mike is independent and very sociable child. He puts everything in prospective. So it was logical for Michael to spend the day fishing with dad on the ocean off Block Island. Unfortunately we had very high seas Saturday morning. Both hands were needed on the grab rails. We found calmer water later on but the bite had died. It was not about counting fish. The sea gods were angry! Today was about spending quality time with father/ son on a stage of nature's majestic beauty.
Who wouldn't enjoy these elements especially if you live near an urban center?

Tuna! …. Tuna!
Dave Pollack and Mike Testa worked the south side of Block Island on Wednesday morning with fly rods in hand. The numbers of fish were down due to the high surf. Most of the bait was dispersed with the rough conditions, but we managed some notable catches. Four different species were caught. The first bonito of the season was landed by Dave using a sand eel imitation on a sink tip line in twenty feet of moving water. Mike landed a nice striper near 30 lbs using an olive sand eel pattern. Bluefish and one summer flounder in the mix.

On the way home, we headed over to Charlestown Breachway for the dumping tide. There was plenty of red weed in the water. Nothing to show for our efforts along the south shore. We continued east toward Pt. Judith and turned the corner. One bluefish near Rose Nulman /Champlain's Rock and we were back to the dock at 1:30 pm.

Good news! Bonito have arrived in our local ocean waters. Dave Pollack has the distinction of catching the first tuna of the season and has christened our new rig with tuna blood. Good job Dave!

Mike Testa has caught his fair share of good stripers on a fly. This nice fish has to be near the top of the list. Mike took this brute fishing a full sink line in twenty feet of water using an olive sand eel pattern on a 1/0 hook. The fish was barely hooked as she came along side. Talk about luck! It takes good angling skills not to throw the hook. She was released back again unharmed after a few digital photos. Congrats Mike!

Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Reports
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Capt. Phil Cronin from Capawock Charters out of Martha's Vineyard send us this hot report:

It's the end of the 1st week in August and we're still catching bass????…Usually by the first week in August we are strictly targeting slashing bones but this year has been totally unpredictable. The bass fishing goes on even if the water temps have hit 70. What's the reason? In a nutshell it's the overabundance of bait; especially the juvenile herring flavor! The entire North Shore of the island is loaded with herring and sand eels. From Dogfish Bar to West Chop you can run across huge areas thick with herring. Both bass and blues are chocking on the tasty critters. Quite frankly, I've never seen so much of it and believe me when I say, I'm not complaining. I am surprised that bonito have not joined in on the banquet yet but I expect when they do all hell will break loose. It's unfortunate but the east end of the island along with out back behind Chappy has yet to really turn on. Perhaps that's going to change in the next week as the only sign of bones has come from the Hooter, Hawes Shoal, and Hedge Fence. Why they have not hit the inshore bonito haunts is anyone's guess. If I was a betting man I would put some money on next week being some excellent bonito fishing.

Several people have asked me about the effects of the poor economy on charters and island tourism. My answer is that you would never know there was a serious recession going on as traffic has been horrific on the rock and all the charter captains I know including myself are busy as can be. Fishing seems to be the tonic that pushes the stress and strain of life to the side and makes way for fun, excitement, and a challenging diversion. Get out and fish, you'll see what I mean. Tight Lines and Singing Drags, Capt. Phil

Capt. Alan Hastbacka from Got Stryper Guide Service out of Chatham, Mass reports in:

Fishing has been kinda slow, but it is August. Today 8/6, we did real well in the afternoon with 15 bass to 38" on what looked to be a slow day with no tide. The fish are here, there just needs to be bait to get the fish turned on. August is work, you have to keep going, just fish it out. Some tides will have a few fish, some tides will have a lot, and a few tides might have no fish. I have looked for bontio with not much to show, had a few short hits on the fly and that was about it. I saw a few bones but I haven't seen any caught in the two tides I have fished over the island.

Capt. Joe LeClair from North Eastern Anglers fishing out of Cape Cod reports:
An amazing week of bass fishing for the first week of August !!! This is usually the slowest week of the whole season. Not this year. Bass fishing remains very strong and the Big Blues are back inshore so Look Out !!!

Capt. Lynne Heyer of Cross Rip Outfitters reported in from Nantucket with this report:
The big news is the Bonito have arrived to Nantucket. They have been caughtoff Great Point off the shore. The bad news is that the Bonito Bar has beenslow for the boats. As of yesterday I have not heard of many being caught but they have been seen. Blue fishing along the South shore of the Island is still strong, Great Point today was slow but Burt Went landed a few.
Stripers are still around but are becoming harder to get them to eat. That's the news for today.

New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing Reports
Nothing this week, I need a few guides to report in. If you are one or can recommend a good one please let me know.

Maine Saltwater Fishing Reports
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Capt. Eric Wallace of Coastal Fly Angler sends us this report:

We've had some outstanding fishing on the flats then a worm hatch turned on late this week, that kept me going full on .There are tons of nice fish hanging around Maine's waters andreports of big fish taken on Live bait, plugs and fly are reported daily.

Night fisherman have scored reel big this last week as we flats guys have had a ton of large fish roaming the sand flats on the incoming tide it's just finding the right fish to eat your fly in the sun, something new here in Maine this summer of fog and rain - weather is been perfect the last few days and with the nice weather and southerly flow to the winds the fishing
has stabled out to be much better, Tuna are showing off Portland and bluefish moved into Saco and Casco Bay, helping crew up some of the bait and hopefully make the stripers act a little more predator then just lazy feeders they have been with so much food in the system.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. Get out this week and catch some fish!

That wraps it up for this week. Get out this week and catch some fish!

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