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With the expected blow this weekend, decided to get in 2 day trips. Tuesday forecast was a little sketchy. Wind had me concerned, but wave height wasn't terrible and there was no advisory up so we went. Long story short, there should have been an advisory up....it was a long wet ride both ways but the fish were cooperative.

Started trolling South at the tip of the Washington, followed the 100 South. Had a single yellow about 30lbs just as we exited the canyon. Circled back a few times, no more bites, resumed our downsea troll. Found the break about halfway to the Norfolk, tunas were stacked up on it. Covered up a few times by the micro yellows, aggressive little suckers would hit everything in the spread. Pulled a slinger mahi out of them on one pass. Then it happened, drove over the big angry yellows. 3 rods took off in three directions, crew of four made it a little challenging in the tight 4/5's. 2/3 found their way to the gaff, nice 50 class fish. worked the area for a bit longer but couldnt find them again. Did the slow troll back North until the wind and seas layed down some then picked up and ran in.

Could not ask for better weather Wednesday, but the fishing for us was not as hot. Started where we left them Tuesday, found it had cooled off and followed the water South. Wound up in the Norfolk with the rest of the fleet. Got covered up by the micro tuna once, pulled one BLT out of them and that was it for us for the day.

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