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Had an invite to hunt with h20hobo (Scott) and Larry up in Charlottesville Saturday. BOY! what a hunt it was! Camolaw (Mark) and I had no idea what we were in for come daylight Saturday morning. Scott said there had been plenty of birds but this way beyond expectations. As we set out the spread you could hear hundreds of birds close by driving Larry's retriever "Ashliegh" crazy. Once the sun broke it was easy to see why "Ashliegh was so excited. The sky filled with birds and they were "Low and Slow". After the first wave I'm not sure exactly how many hit the ground but we all agreed we should pace ourselves or it would be over in short order. Even with the our selective shooting and often only one guy firing the 20 bird limit came quick. As Ashliegh ran for the last bird I glanced at my watch to see it had only been alittle over a hour since first light. Mark and I both have had the great fortune to attend some pretty impressive hunts. This one will be one of those days that will be reflected on for years to come. Wow! what a blast. Scott thanks again for the invite and pass the same on to Larry. I'll get a copy of the pics to ya soon.

My first Banded Bird!!

Thanks Guys......

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