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Put in at Sandy Point last night around 2:30 with my son and friend Chris. We drifted just below the bridge and slowly picked up some small perch and large spot. We did get a surprise catch

Water Smile Boat Fish Sky

After we put about 10 spot in the live well we headed over to just above the the sewer pipe to donate our spot :) We started looking for fish and after a couple of minutes of searching we started seeing a couple but the did not appear to be schooled up. I decided to have a spot dropped over on a couple of marks and my son was rewarded

Water Sky Fish Fisherman Boat

Soon the marks went away and we continued our search. There was a group of boats half way to Love Point and we on our slow search towards the group we found some marks but no takers. Spent some time with the group of boats and again, no takers and didn't see any being caught. At this point I decided to head back to where we caught the first fish since my son start work a 3am.

Started the search again and a couple of minutes we found some marks and over went some spot. Soon after Chris got hit and after letting the Rock run for a 5 count he set the baitrunner and the fight was on :) Couple of minutes later a nice over was at the boat and as my son went to net the fish he let go. :censored:

Ok, decided **** happens, bait up, look for the next victim and drink a beer. Couple of minutes later the baitrunner starts the sweet sound of line quickly being taken. Ok good times, Chris can get is revenge!!! He decided to give it a 10 count before starting to reel. Again, fish on!! Feeling good as I watch after what seemed to be long time since quite a bit of line was taken bot the ten count we finally have the next contestant at the boat and net gets lower and ........ WTF!!!!!! Again, fish gone. Ok, after exhausting my dictionary of "MA17" material and flashing a stink eye or two at how I decided was guilty, Chris and my son :) :) I looked a the spot figuring the hook was foul hooked in the spot, gotta be right? WRONG, hook looked perfect.

After looking for a couple of minutes for some more Rock I started to feel guilty keeping my son out after his bedtime so I we headed in on what had to be one of the nicest days you could spend on the bay.

I guess if missing a couple of fish at the boat is my worst thing I was upset with I had a damn good day!!!
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