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Jumped on the Waverunner out of Rudee inlet and went 0 for 2 on the white marlin about 2pm. Thats all we saw. Nothing on the lobster balls, nothing around the pilot whales, nothing on the tinker mackeral. The whites were together coming up on both teasers.
One squid chain teaser with a blue/white islander w/ballyhoo and one Giant marlin lure teaser (Pakula?). Hooked one that jumped about 5 times and broke the squid chain. We put the live tinker mackerel in his face but he wanted the squid chain! The deep drop was slow too with only 2 sea bass and about 6 small blueline tilefish. If this isn't paying your dues I don't know what is. DO YOU HEAR THAT FISH GOD'S!!!

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