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I decided to take my 19 foot boat to the tunnel for somwe cobia action yesterday.4 lb. bucket of chum and some crab,shrimp,squid and lively gudgeons was our bait for the day. 1st island 6 croakers and a 18 inch flounder latter we headed for the shoals.Lines in at 1:00 pm.Chum bucket otu.Several skate runs latter I see a fat and sassy little cobia kissing my motor.Fed him a flounder rig and a gudgeon as he was a little on the ratty(small) side...He scarfed it like it was his first taste of solid food in months.My buddy has never caughta cobia despite 10 years and many breakoffs and mishaps.Here you catch him several screaming runs latter we subdue him with the net.32 inches tl so a pic and back he goes.Another hour of skates and one cow ray who ate half a croaker(plankton feaders my A$$) latter we get a screaming bite . Wohoo my turn when the fish comes to the surface for a beautiful tail walk.Several bottom runs latter he sucumbs to the gaff.This 40 incher which certainly is no trophy will see some grease tonight.We caught a ton of skates and one more cow ray who also ate the bait and a little shark..The sun set beautifully and the bay was so slick you had to be there I guess.Accomplished today : first cobia for a good friend even though it was a rat...no work!!!!!relaxing day on the water except for those skates....We need to help the japeneese develope a market for those or some way to extract crude oil from them.
Frsh fried cobia mmmm mmm good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[grin] [grin][grin][grin][grin][grin][grin][grin][grin]
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