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These are a few fish we caught on the day before the trip with JOY. I will be heading back up there this Wed-Fri. The water temp at the CBBT is finally getting down to where it should be. If we get into some higher numbers of fish. .I'll give Joy a call, maybe he can make the day trip. A cool side-note; I had a guy from SC. the Midlands Striper Club meet me up there for a day. He is a Vietnam Veteran, and a P.O.W. He said his life's dream was to catch a 40#er. His first fish that day weighed 50.46lbs. He said " Now I can Die".
It felt great seeing the right guy catch the right fish. Also- I am not a charter captain up there or anything, but I do enjoy taking a few "Old Farts";-) out to get their "lifetime" fish. Just so everyone knows, I don't charge anyone a single cent to come out with me, I just enjoy the company, and the chance to learn from some "Salty Dogs".

These were taken while drifting live eels. Water Smile Fisherman Outdoor recreation Fish

Water Smile Jaw Outdoor recreation Fisherman

Mike Smedley
Old School
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