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--I've Been posting like a Beginner for the last 3 days , No A ZOMBIE ---Last night was 72 hours Without Sleep --

--I was supposed to meet my Friend Capt. Wayne at Georgies Winter Clearence & Angler Get Togethor at Chesapeake Beach --I FORGOT TO GO !!

--It Is one of the Best Clearence Sales for Serious Anglers Charter & Rec., Serious Bull****ters --Hell He Even will sell A Outcast Waterman Crab Supplies cheaper than Memphis Twine---

---Then we usta Slaunter, Or Stagger to the COVE, Capt. Glenn had 2 Doors of Entry one for the ELITE NON Smokers --

--The other Door was for the LOWER CLASS , smokers, & Rebelious types --This year it is Intergrated , Almost like We could see Ahead !!!!

--We had a Smokers Bar, A Smokers Dart Board & like ole times a Smokers Bathroom & Water Fountian --I was Raised in Piedmont Virginia, with a similar School System , & Resturant System --

--BUT, This is a OLE Man talking & I am a Law Abiding Smoker , as we All are --& I will NEVER Impose on my friends , tho some times its hard , Nicotine controls Bi Polar Types like Me --

--I'm going South for my Lures, Rods , Reels, Crab nets Etc. today & to see & apolige to my ole friend Wayne for , not keeping our date foe a smoke , OUT SIDE of TYLERS BAIT SHOP , & Capt Glenns Great Intrgrated Watering hole In the Shopping Port of North Beach ---

--My Admiral loves to spend HER half of her Bunghole Money on Goodies ---I Spend My Bunghole Money on Stuff I NEED to make MORE Money --ME & The WORM are Both Rich , from using that kinda Hidden CASH from Admiral --

---Bring some Bread Scraps , Your Rug Rats & Crumbgrabbers & FEED A BIRD FROM THE croaker pier in North Beach --Short water Apr. Croaker Fishing is almost here , Right WORM ?---

---CAPT , George Prenant ZOMBIE--

--P.S. Someone put Tylers Info on the Post for me Please --

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WOW, SORRY I DONT HAVE THE INFO. GET SOME SLEEP AND CHECK BACK AFTER YOU WAKE UP. ..........................................................wow that guy was all over the place he needs some sleep.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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