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About the TidalFish.com Site

Tidal Fish was founded by Brandon White (aka, Chief Angler0 to provide fishing enthusiasts of all types (light tackle, trolling, bait and fly anglers, those who chase panfish to those that hunt Marlin) to share in the passion of fishing. The site is designed to share fishing information, fishing reports, learn from one another about different fishing techniques, talk about fishing tackle, fishing travel destinations, talk about fisheries conservation issues, sometimes just shoot the fishing bull, and meet fellow anglers in a safe, fun and friendly online environment and, in some cases, offline at Tidal Fish events such as Tidal Fish Tournaments, Get Togethers, Lead Pouring Parties, Crab Feasts, Fishing Trips, and other events. Tidal Fish specifically focuses on and has a large group of Tidal Fish Members from the Chesapeake Bay, Mid Atlantic and general East Coast Atlantic including the Florida region. Fishing articles, news, and fishing reports and conversations on the message boards focus on the above area, but also covers fishing destinations around all parts of the globe.

Our Message Boards are where thousands of anglers and messages are exchanged on a daily basis. The message boards are provided as a place of interaction. You must register to use the boards and registration is free, although we encourage you to become a member to help support the site. (While the site was founded by Brandon, it takes a team of people to keep this boat fishing so to speak; your subscription helps assure the engine is on 24/7 and always in good working shape. We greatly appreciate the support!) You are encouraged to use a real name, your initials or a handle people know who you are. Posts/responses should be in a civil, a polite tone and flaming or disparaging remarks are not tolerated. Although disagreements will happen, we ask everyone to stay on subject and not get into personal attacks. Keep it positive and fun and we will all have a great place to share fishing information.

Featured fishing articles , news and fishing reports on the homepage are regularly updated and cover the topics of Saltwater , Freshwater , Fly Fishing, Knots & Rigging , and Conservation articles. Fishing News is updated as we receive it. Fishing reports are updated on a regular basis.

We have a Classified Ads section where you can list your items. General listings are free, but you can feature your ad to enhance your exposure .

We have many more features such as a weather section, fishing links directory, Tidal Fish store where we have Tidal Fish t-shirts, hats and other gear. We are continuously updating the site and features, so be sure to check our homepage and read our email newsletter for regular updates.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions so we can make this a better place for all of us, so feel free to drop us a line anytime.

We hope you enjoy Tidal Fish. Good Fishing and Good Times!

Chief Angler

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BS forgot me.

Hey Brandon I had the pass word but I've forgotten it. And I probably need it again.

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