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It was a very enjoyable week, especially for me watching father and son teams, along with friends, catch a countless number of striped bass with a few bluefish mixed in.

Keith Fleming and I met at Sandy Point State Park at 7am. From there we moved south on the western shore looking for working birds or any nervous waters. The birds weren't working and we had no luck finding fish on structure making it a slow morning. Keith did catch a few stripers before lunch, but nothing to write home about. Big John called and we went back into Sandy Point State Park to pick him up. I was counting on the ebb (outgoing) current to pull me out of the hole and that it did. Around 1:30pm there were working birds on the water from the Bay Bridge to as far as the eye can see.

Working Birds (My Buddies)

Catching stripers on fly rods, one after the other, was a lot of fun until 4:30pm when we headed home.

John & Keith Fleming

I also had the pleasure of joining Sanil and Nikhy Nath on a early morning trip later in the week. They are both excellent anglers - dad with the fly rod and his son on light tackle equipment. After catching some on a shoal close to shoreline we moved over the shipping channel where the action was really hot.

Nikhy & Sanil Nath Catching Fish at the Same Time

When you go fishing please put on your PFD.
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