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I received an email from a friend and decided to post it here on Tidalfish. I'd like to see this fella find a good home. Here is the email and a picture:


Do you know of anyone who would like a good water dog? I have a 12
month old black lab/ Chesapeake Bay retriever mix. The father was
the lab and the mother an AKC Chessie. Guinness is a great dog and
great for a family, he is just not fitting with our lifestyle.
Basically, I would love to keep him, but I am not the one home during
the day. With the kids in different schools and various activities
Guinness spends a lot of time in the crate, which we feel isn't fair
to him. As you know we have children 6 and 3 and Guinness has been
very good with them and their friends. He is very gentle with them.
Right now we need to devote our time to the kids and not a dog, no
matter how much we love him.

Guinness is between 90 and 100 pounds, has been fixed, and has a
microchip implanted in case he runs away or gets lost, although he
hasn't been one to wander. He loves the water and going for a ride
in the car. He also gets along great with other dogs. He is not
aggressive toward other dogs or people and has never been food
aggressive, as some labs can be. He has been crate trained and is
housebroken. Guinness has also been through a basic dog obedience
class, or as I like to call it, people training.

If you know of anyone looking for a good, very smart dog, please pass
this message along to them. They can contact me via [email protected]
or [email protected]. Thank you.



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Thanks guys. A tidalfisher on the Md board is taking the dog. A great catch;) --------------
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