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advice needed for blue cats

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Im heading to Ft Washington next week and am looking for any advice i can get.I already have some fresh shad and was planning on fishing channel edges or anywhere that looks good.Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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I grew up on cats and often fished at night. Try drift-fishing along the channel edges using live (if possible) and cut shad. They also love live minnows. Drag a large bucket or drift-sock to slow your speed if the current is moving fast.
I would consider fishing in deep water this time of year, especially in January or February. The folks that fish the Rapahanock prefer live bait and tend to do better at night up 'till midnight. Ft washington has a deep hole around the point.
My friend Joe has been fishing from the local pier in that area for the last few weeks and burning big catties up . He has been using live and cut chubs he catches in a creek near his house in Clinton . I'd post pics of some nice fish over 40 lbs but I don't have a usb connector for my phone .
Google Mike Starrett - Indian Head Charters
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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