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Alert!! PETA is planing to boicot fishing tournaments

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Using remote controls, pro-fish activists can direct robotic fish to circle anglers' boats and emit very loud noises, thereby scaring away all the fish and bicoting the tournaments.

They are promoving this robotic fish to be use for activist on diferent tournaments. Check this site.[http://www.fishinghurts.com/RoboFish.asp]

They already have people for the following three tournaments:

Five Alive Bassmasters "Buddy Bass Tournament" at Assunpink Lake in New Jersey
Wal-Mart Walleye League in Trenton, Michigan
IFA Redfish Tour in Lafitte, Louisiana

Be aware and share this information with tournament organizers.

Than You
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Did you notice that they have "April Fools" stamped on the picture in the story now? That wasn,t there the other day
I would snag that thing and bust it to a million pieces if one of those tree huggers tried that s### with me! Promise!!!!!!
Smash the remote control and whoever was driving robocarp.
The tree hugger would look awfully strange in the ER with Robocarp hanging out of his ARS!
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