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Headed out of Deale about 11:30. Ran to 81A and put out our 4 rod spread in 32'.
Headed south towards the Radar Towers. Within 15 mins one of the lines starts screamin, I thought darn, we must have snagged the bottom, but that couldn't be it was the WBL. Before Mary could get to it, it had peeled off 30 yards, but as soon as she grabbed it, it was gone. Must have had the drag too loose to set the hook. But Now We Are Pumped. When we got down closer to the Radar Towers I could see that everybody was down at 79A. I counted 33 boats there as we approached. Well, guess its the herd mentality but thats where I headed. It was crazy, boats everywhere, going in all directions, all with planer boards. Trolled around, dodging boats, had one knockdown but nothing in the box.
Well its 2:00, the Skins play at 4:00, we had a good day, we got out, lets pull 'em in.
Mary pulled the 2 deep rods in, then grabbed the 175' line with a funky Chartrusse umbrella rig with a 6" Storm and 4 oz. Man this thing is heavy, shouldn't be, maybe I've snagged something. Then she says, I got a fish. Too Funny. It must have hit just as she was picking up the rod. When she finally got it to the boat, I hit neutral and grabbed the net.

Alright, No Skunk. :clap:

Pulled the last rod in, scrubbed the deck and headed in.

Now it Really was a Good Day.


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