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Aloha from Hawaii

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Karen and I are now in Kauai. We've had a couple of days on Oahu and about 7 on the Big Island. We are heading home Feb 6th from Kauai. It is going to be difficult to leave this place.

People here fish.... I'm not sure how the catching is but they fish.

These pics were taken at South Point. This is the southern most point in the US. There is about a 60 foot drop from the cliffs to the water. Some had rigs with trash bags as floats about 100 yards or more out from the surf.

This guy on Kauai was cleaning his boat. He had been out for about 5 hours on the ocean which is frequently very calm on the west coast of Kauai. There is deep water sometimes within 100 yards of the shore... sometimes 100 feet!

If you have any interest in Hawaii there are links to pics on my blog.

Have a great day.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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