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Nobody wanted to go offshore this past weekend. It could not have been the NE, 25 kt winds. That would show some commonsense from my crew and we are not known for that. To be fair, Bob Manus was willing to go one day and Chris Boyce on another but not enough for an offshore trip. Charles Southall invited me to go spot fishing in his boat. Gabe Sava and his dad wanted to go too and since Gabe's boat is in a slip in the Hampton Roads area, we went in his boat. It turned out that his 30-foot sportfisherman was not an overkill. It was blowing good. We fished from the Monitor-Merimac Bridge Tunnel to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. We caught spot, croaker, porgy, pinfish, pigfish, puppy drum, a sheepshead and a bunch of little sea bass. The largest spot was 10.5 inches. Gabe and his dad kept some to eat. The rest went into the bait barrel. We were using bloodworm for bait. We saw a couple of striped bass caught. One boat showed us a large one at the HRBT, over 20 pounds, large for now.

By Monday, it had laid out. Tricia and I got all those fish out of the bait barrel and went to the Chesapeake Light Tower. We made it there by the crack of noon. No bites there. The plan was to do some wreck fishing but we had those baits and it was slick calm so off to the South Tower we ran. There is a lot of life there. Amberjacks are still thick. We caught amberjack until Tricia called uncle. Then we made a few passes with a spoon and caught false albacore. There were a lot of big spadefish there too but we did not try for them. The phosphorescence was as bright as I've ever seen it on the way in. It looked like we were part of a giant neon sign.

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