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That's what I thought.I just tie a line from the stern ,then make it long enough so that it is at my side and easy to reach..Tie a loop in the line but don't cut it off yet.Now,pull the loop back again tight off the stern leaving the tag end attached.Sit in the Yak and tie the tag end off next to you where you can just grab the line and pull it towards you to bring the loop back at your side. .I tie mine to my paddle holder.The loop is where you tie your anchor line to.In other words ,if you have a 14 ft.Kayak,you will need about a 14 ft. line if you sit in the center with a loop in the middle with one end tied to the stern and the other tied to your kayak where you can grab it next to your hand at the side of the Yak and pull the loop back to you so you can then pull in your anchor line.You tie the anchor line to the loop,hold on the other side of the loop of the line that's attached to let it slide til the loop with the anchor line is directly behind your yak.I use this method even in the Susky while shad fishing.I just don't see going through the trouble of a trolley when you can accomplish the same thing with a piece of rope.If i didn't explain it well enough,let me know and I'll try to in other words.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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