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I'll tell the story but PLEASE dont ask----WHERE DID YOU CATCH IT????---!!!!IN the WATER ,WHERE ELSE!!! To Start The week before we where tolling umbrella rigs & at the end of the day we tighten the drags tight to real the rigs in fast -Well the night we went hog fishing i got in a little bit of an hurry to get the spread out & forgot to check the drag on the pole the first hit came from! BAM clicker starts SCREAMIN i pick the pole up counted to i guess about 3 &lowered my rod tip clicked bale closed & SET THE HOOK,,,,, MANNNNNNNNNN This thing took off and im not jokin allmost pulled me out of the boat .QUICKLY relizing my drag was set WAY to tight i loosed it before getting pulled in the water &THE FIGHT WAS ON & WHAT A FIGHT IT WAS.It took only about 5min to get to the boat but took 10min or so for my partner to net{i still tease him about it}.Good leasson learnt about checkin your drag FIRST.Hope everyone injoyed the story. GOOD LUCK TO ALL Pro Brian{my heads swellin again}
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