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Headed out to flat seas yesterday morning at 715 and dropped the 13 rod spread west of 78a. Should have know to either bring 14 or 12 rods, not unlucky 13.

Had a hit on the single 2 oz chute, 80 back on the board as soon as we got the lines set but the fish didn't stick. Not to mention the board clip didn't break so I ended up reeling in all of the lines on the board like a rookie. Doh!

At 9:30, the same chute pops off the board and starts screaming drag north of 78a in 59 feet of water. I gave the rod to my brother in law and he boated the 39.999999 incher.

Went 3 hours until we got another pull off the deep umbrella boat rod. Fish was hooked but came off during the "rod exchange". I'm sure we all know about this. The 20 foot Trophy was starting to get thrown around a little bit in the slop and the fish were winning 2 to 1 so we called it a day. By this time, we were seeing steady 3 footers, with a 4 in between so we headed back in to the barn...the first time in about 5 years the fish have won :rolleyes:

Props to the rest of you who fished through noon yesterday. Those of you in the CCs without the enclosures, I don't know how you do it. :eek2: My buddies always get on me because i sit behind a desk all day and don't have to fight the weather but I think everyone was cold yesterday when the wind was gusting 25 knot!

Taking spray over the side while picking up the planers also made for a cool down. I felt like I had just won the super bowl and got doused with gatorade!!!

Nice talking to the fellow TFers out there!

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