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Brandon, please stop locking threads. Scrolling through the "Bombshell thread, it seams like a lively, mostly civilzed debate. Moreover, it's on the conservation and policy board - a more appropriate place for this debate does not exist.

Further, I'd reconsider making people who "engage in debates" reveal their true identity. We should be debating the issues, not each other's background. I really don't care who Junebug is - I care only about debating his propositions and any data that he makes available to support them. And I have no intention of revealing my "true identity" (although many board members personally know me), since the internet has too many whackos.

Locking a thread when it degenerates into name calling or otherwise violates the rules -- that I understand. Moving a thread to a more appropriate location (such as from the main board to here) is also understandable. But other than that, let the debating go on. These are issues critical to our sport and the mostly well-thought debates are part of what make your site so great (especailly in the winter!).
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