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Yup, Vic's got a nice site there. Here's some of the seminars he's holding in the next few months;


Skill Development Clinics

Clinics will be held at the Appomattox River Company (ARC) Yorktown/Kiln Creek store from 5:30 - 6:30 pm.

Date Topic

March 15 Rigging Kayaks for Fishing
(Anchor trolleys, depth sounders, rod holders,
stakeout poles, stowing equipment, paddling

March 29 Introduction to Kayak Navigation

April 5 Kayak Fishing Tournaments "101" with Wilderness
Systems fishing team member Cory Routh
(Boat rigging, equipment, catch documentation,
equipment classifications, fish categories &

April 19 Trip Planning & Safety
Equipment, Risk assessment, rescue

May 3 Packing for Kayak Camping with Weight Distribution and
Packing Strategies
(watch as a sea kayak loaded for a week-long
trip is

May 24 Rigging for Fishing
(Anchor trolleys, depth sounders, rod holders,
stakeout poles,

Prepared paddlers rarely face serious trouble on the water because they
have taken the time to research and practice with their equipment, plan
their trip, practice skills, and rehearse what to do in distress

Clinic participants will receive a 10% discount on accessories at the
ARC Yorktown store after the clinic.

For more information call Vic or Bobby at (757) 890-0500

For directions to the store click here;

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