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Garrett is at it again…
I dropped him in a section of Oaks we call the "Old Treestand" for two hours and when I returned to pick him up he explained to me he needed help tracking a Big Buck he had put three shots into over an hour earlier. So I gave into his request rather than join the next drop of dogs to look for his deer. He had marked the last place he found blood so we got back on the track immediately, the deer was bleeding good and I was confident we would find the deer but at the same time we were only 100 yards away from the cutover and I knew if he got into it our chances would diminish. We stayed on the blood trail for about 400 yards through the Oaks when the deer took a sharp left in direction of the cutover, we closed the distance to the cutover by half when the buck jumped from the root ball of a wind fallen tree. When the deer jumped up a few additional rounds of 3" 00Buck were required to slow this big boy down, he is going to make a nice trophy mount.
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