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Just wanted to contribute another reason to add to the parking lot at the High Rise.:thumbup: The nice fish are here, and we all know that fishing with eels is productive.

While I was working, my buddies were catching big fish at the High Rise. Between patients, my friend Ladona left 4 voice mails and texts telling me to get over there as soon as I got off work; they were coming in to get us. That's all I needed to hear. I raced over to Lynnhaven.

Ladona, Bobby, Jimmy and I arrived around at 6:30, to find boats lining almost every inch of the bridge. We found an opening and backed up to the bridge and put out 3 rods. The tide was just slowing down, so we were preparing to move, when one of the rods doubled over. Ladona was thrilled with her 48-inch rockfish release!

After we moved to the other side and re-anchored (and Bobby chased off a boat that was trying to tie to the pilling we were fishing on) we dropped the baits again. We used bobbers, 4 to 6 foot leaders, and a combination of 8/0 circle and J-hooks. The next fish up awarded me a solid 45.5-incher. Bobby also had another at 45-inches, and we had one or two more at about 40. We left when the current began ripping, with about 3 hours of fishing in. We had a blast!! :clapping2:
Be careful out there guys!

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