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Pickerel are a tough fish to figure out.Somedays they hit most anything that hits the water- other days nothing works.

Last fall the bay/rivers were fairly salty so most likely the Pickerel are up near the headwaters of the creeks.They prefer fresher water - too salty and they die.If you know of any springs- they are also good areas.You can find them in summer while swimming- you'll feel much cooler water in a small area.Pickerel sometimes hang in there.

Keep a detailed logbook as you fish for them and note water temp. and tide.You can get a thermometer at a pet shop.

I like a high tide around 11:00.The falling water will occur about 2:00 and this will bring warmer water with it.A bright sunny day helps alot.The water can warm up 5-6* - that is alot to fish.

Watch your fishing area for Herons - these birds feed on the same minnows that Pickerel do.Don't give up on them - somedays I fished 5 hours with out a hit- then in one hour I caught 3-4 of them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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