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Anybody get pickerel today?

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I had not taken a cast since late October. I did get to try ice fishing last Sunday, but never cast any of the lines. Today I waded out to try several spots, armed with some active minnows from Marty's. The two sheltered spots I tried were partially covered with ice. The uncovered areas were too shallow and did not look productive. The two more exposed areas were ice-free, but apparently were not holding hungry fish either. I cast dozens of times over more than 2 hours at the four locations without a single bite.

Did any other SRRKC brethren have better luck today?:confused:
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Nice catches Jeff and J.P. I don't feel so bad if your group of 4 fine anglers could catch only 2 fish in a long outing. Maybe next weekend, the fishy spots will be more accessible.

I agree that wade fishing was quite cold on the legs. I took a lunch break in the middle and relocated to a spot several miles downstream.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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