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Anyone else boarderline ....

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crawling the walls to go fishing? I'm dyin over here. What I wouldn't give for a small pond in the hood. I'm half tempted to run over to the eastern shore, make a few casts, declare victory and go home.. No time for launching the yak today... and certainly no time for the boat. Just wanna catch something... argghhhh
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If you get west of the big city, you are always welcome to wet a line in the pond out back here in Ashburn. Then I can take a lesson on how to catch freshwater fishies in the cold weather! And if you get cold, we'll just come in and warm up!

Heck... and its even been a good fishing winter up until a few days ago. But take heart... eventhough it has just starting snowing... spring is a lot closer than you think... shad are only 9 weeks away... 9 WEEKS!!!, I'll never make it!!!
At least the weather has been warm enough back in Maryland that there are places to go fishing. I've basically been stuck tying flies since Christmas. On the flip side the skiing has been great.

I'm not into hard water fishing myself - it really does not work all that well with a fly rod anyway. Except for ice fishing, everything around here in northern Colorado has been pretty much locked up for about a month. But, it looks as though the weather is going to warm up over the next week so some water should open up on the Big Thompson below the dam is Estes Park. Guess it's time to get my new license.

Yellow perch, atlease small ones, are in my river. As they or 15' and on the bottom, I did not use the long stick. I am no purest, but use the fly rod mostly for freshwater trout, bass and sunfish.
Hey Guy... every time I hear the weather guys mention Colorado & heavy snow in the same sentence I think of you and your family. You sure picked a find time to move your wife out west.

The local ponds here in the Catoctin Mountains have just skimmed over for the second time this winter... AAANND, we got our first 1/2" snow of the year.
HJS was the first to mention the S word.
I will meet everyone in the DQ parking lot on Saturday at 0 hour, so that we can coordinate the toilet paper rolling of his house. :) (Hey, if we can't go fishing, we might as well do something fun)
Later, Harry
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Pulling my hair out!!!

I need a fix bad!! I didnt get out fishing at all last year and I cant wait till spring to arrive and get to Cape May for some early action.
But the real passion is hunting artifacts. My buddy Steve and myself have hunted all winter, up till last week anyway. We have had a great start to the 2007 season with around 50 plus artifacts between us, and I hated to see it end with this cold spell.

It appears ole' mother nature is making up for the last three winters, which is great for the reservoir situation and ski resorts. I think I read that last year Fort Collins had a grand total of about 6" of snow for the entire winter. This year has so far been one for the record books. I think we have had somewhere around 50" so far with the historically heaviest month, March yet to come.

There may also be another benefit from the prolonged cold weather. For years throughout the northern rockies, there has been a very serious problem with pine bark beetles killing the lodgepole pines. That has contributed to some of the severe forest fires here in Colorado in recent years. Other than removeing the affected dead trees around high use areas there is no effective control. The only thing that really knocks the beetles back is prolonged sub-zero weather. So hopefully, that has been the case.

I was borderline before this weather, now I'm certifiable. Only 33 days to Tiefest.
Long passed borderline. Wed looks like the only good day for the bay/ocean for small boats anyway. Not worth the long tow to the CBBT for one day. I would do it for two. The weekend looks somewhat promising. Waiting for the marine forecast to catch up. Another pilgrimage may be in order Friday afternoon. You can only tie so many flies.
I found the answer to these annual winter no-fishing frustrations.
I'll be doing a couple of days of shallow water casting with no breeze and no ice in the guides. Temps will start comfortable, then perhaps get a bit warm.
It might end up being an expensive trip though...
The Somerset FF show can be like that for me...

That is my backup plan for Friday with the marine weather turns sour. Not quite the same but better than nothing.
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