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Can't wait for the new site to come up...
Suggestions... Needs more Smilies............

Like other sites I belong to and should be very easy to use...

:cool: ;) :) :p
lack s a little substance

i sure we ll fill er up with stuff...what do ya think:)
So far so good. Looking forward to the switch.:)
well i must have made it.

well after a little head scratching and so on , i figured it out. i know it wasj ust a click for you wizzards, but it took an old firefighter, with too much smoke inhalation, a few more trys. but i'm gonna like it !

Miles Offshore present and accounted for
I also made it

really quick Cool Breeze????????????
Spell Check

How does the spell check work? When I click it I get some kind of star on the cursor, put not shure it is working. :eek:
i used to think that the old tidalfish was ahead of its time because it was not even close to the way other sires are laid out. guess it was way way behind because now tidalfish looks like 100's of other - so when you come here it will look just like pierandsurf,fintalk,fishcraze,anglerschat.........some say boring some say plain, it is indeed DULL
Rhiannon said:
How does the spell check work? When I click it I get some kind of star on the cursor, put not sure it is working. :eek:
I'm not sure about the star your get on your cursor? I downloaded the IE spell check(link appeared when I clicked on the ABC button above) Once it was downloaded. when I click on the ABC button spell checker works the same as in Outlook or many other spell check programs.


Gave up the work habit.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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