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Anyone looking for a reservior rig

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Thought I would post this here... Bmail if interested

$1600 Includes the following.
2001-14' Alumacraft Jon Boat (no center seat)
2001 Galvanized trailer with guide on posts
2 seat bases with seats
4 rod holders
Carpet floor
**2 - 70 pound thrust 24 volt minn kotas wired with 6 gauge wire
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No one wants to fish Loch Raven or go for walleye in Liberty?
The motors alone cost $400 each.
I told a friend of mine about this boat. LR has a hold on permits for now so he won't commit. Try some of the buy, sell sites.
I live in Fallston if your friend wants to see it, I also have a few pictures if you want me to email them to you.

It makes a good crabbing boat if some has a small outboard.

The motors and floor are in the garage
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Please send me the pics. I think he will be interested.
This weekend I will put the seat, floor and motors on the boat and take more pictures and post them.
Beam 62"
25hp Max
I wanted some room in my driveway that is why I was selling it. I gave my brother 1/2 owner ship if he would keep it at his house and he agreed.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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