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I was out there Fri, Sat, Sun.
Friday only fished a couple hours.
My lift was on the bottom and the boat HIGH & DRY!!
From 7 till almost one!.....finally got out
Dragged lines from TP Light to BP to G83…NADA!
Left the boat in the water the rest of the weekend!!

Sat was better , fished CR to R84
Got a beauty 38” !!!!
White tandem….off the board…heavier ‘chute.

Sunday fished from CR to 84 to G83 to R84A
6-10 knockdowns!!!
4-6 shad tails bite offs!
NOT one Hookup!!!
It was a fun three days….water termps 40-42

If I get a crew I’ll be out Wednesday!!
And I’ll be trying downriggers …..saw a lot of bait at 50’

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good info

Thanks for the report there t-bird...Might be windy wednesday...might go 1 last time if its not blowing....My brother drove over the bridge today, said there were 12-20 boats between matapeake and the severn...Any reports from anyone??? bill
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