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ASMFC to Hold Atlantic Menhaden Workshop to Address Ecological Role
Workshop Scheduled for October 12 - 14

Washington, DC - Next month, federal, state and academic fishery scientists
will participate in a Commission workshop to examine the ecological role of
menhaden and explore the possibility of localized depletion in the
Chesapeake Bay. The workshop will take place on October 12-14, 2004 at the
Holiday Inn, 525 First St. Alexandria, VA.

The workshop aims to improve our scientific understanding of menhaden’s
ecological niche. Experts in the ecological role of Atlantic menhaden,
predator-prey interactions, localized depletion, and fisheries ecosystem
plans, as well as stakeholders will be giving a series of presentations
followed by discussion. During the workshop, participants will:
Examine the status of Atlantic menhaden with respect to its ecological
Explore the implications of current management reference points with
respect to menhaden's ecological role
Explore the effects of concentrated harvest in the Chesapeake Bay
Develop recommendations for revised or new directions to the Atlantic
Menhaden Fishery Management Plan to the Atlantic Menhaden Management

A report, summarizing the findings and recommendations of workshop, will be
prepared for presentation to the Atlantic Menhaden Advisory Panel in
October, and to the Management Board in November.

The workshop is designed to provide a forum for scientists to explore the
concerns that have been raised by the public. While the public is
encouraged to attend and observe the workshop, there will only be limited
time for public comment on the second day of the workshop, October 13,
2004. If the Management Board decides to take action based on the workshop
recommendations, an open public comment process will be initiated.

For more information, please contact Nancy Wallace, Fishery Management Plan
Coordinator, at (202)289-6400 or [email protected]


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Maryland Senate
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