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Just to give you guys a heads up the ORV trail was closed all three days due to high tides and "overwash" as described by the officers. After buying the pass for my truck, I was a lilttle bent about them taking my money for the pass and nobody mentioning the issues on the beach. Went back into office on Saturday and they game me my money back for the pass. :thumbup: Now to the fishing reports: Thursday after hearing we counldnt get down the beach we never fished at all - the wind was blowing like crazy and then the rains came. Friday and Saturday we went up over the dunes from the Oceanside campsites in the Federal Park. Caught 6 or so decent sized bluefish one pushing 30 inches. The bite was slow. All fish were caught on finger mullet fished on mullet rigs. also had peelers which never had a bite, sand fleas w fish bites no bites. didnt have a good weather but atleast we had some pullage.
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