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Fished part of the incoming tide today at Back bay 6:30am - 11:30am. Hit the beach to a nice sunrise and dolphin jumping in the distance. Water was not as clear as yesterday and the wind was from the south then switching to the SSW.

Kibaro, Park03 and myself set out about ten rods between us with the usual smorgasboard of bait. Small spot on BWFB, then I caught a small shark that must have just been born. It was all of 8-10 inches and looked like one you would find in a soulviner shop in a bottle!!! After that Park landed a nice roundhead on Berkley Gulp Crab (sucker inhaled that thing!), the Kibaro scored a small roundhead and a spiny puffer. That's it for the day, no runs on the bigger cut baits (Bunker/Blue) and no critters for two days in a row (they must know Bucket is in FLA. [tongue]).

Dolphins were everywhere and stayed in close all day at the second sandbar. It was nice at times watching them carrying on and making some spectacular jumps. Better start bringing your bug spray down there as the biting flies, started preying on us towards the end.

Plenty of sandfleas in the water along with coquina clams if you were looking for some fresh natural bait.

Taking a day off tommorrow (well maybe) tro rest up from this sun I soaked up the past two days!!!!!

Out till next time............................................[grin]
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