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[Q]'bucket originally wrote:

Thanks for the Back Bay report and the catchin' will get better there not all to long. FYI, I dragged the rain along w/the critters with me to FLA. Last two days have been most they've had here in Sarasota in months and landed two lizard fish at New Pass including one even on a gotcha plug. Starting to think I have hung out to much with Mr. AL [tongue] Complete Sarasota report to follow planned 7/3 beach run to Siesta Key in the morning.

Special K is right Back Bay is great even when the fishin' stinks. So the VA skates miss me do they [grin]

Sea Creature 'bucket

You mean I hung out with you too long....I still smell that bunker oil from KDH1[grin]

Great report fellas!

Welcome back Hootie Who!
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