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Wondering if anyone had any information on the accident that occurred on Rt. 50 Saturday night involving a boat being trailered.

Saturday night I was heading home from the Annapolis area on Rt. 50 west bound when I came upon an terrible accident near Bowie, MD. It was about 6:30 pm at night, when I passed the accident (authorities already on the scene). I looked to my left side and saw a yellow hummer with lots of damage facing the opposite direction, sitting on top of the far left guard rail (east / west bound divider). The hummer had a boat trailer still attached to it. The trailer was facing west, in a "jack knife" position the hummer was facing east. My brother was with me, I looked over at him and said thank god they did not have a boat on that trailer. We were on the furthest right hand lane, the Hummer and trailer all the way to the left on the rail, when we got closer we saw a boat all the way to the right hand shoulder a little further up the road! HOLY ****!!! It looked like a 20 foot, or so, fiberglass bass "style" boat. The entire scene was scary.

Hope all involved are ok.
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