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This weekend we ran a trip with a good friend of ours, Sid Miller and couple of his buddies. We were on a 4 day live-aboard trip, starting out at Cat Island. I flew the guys over and we hooked up with Bob and Joe, grabbing some good grub and a few beers, before setting out the next morning.

Most of the first day we fished around Cat Island, catching a few dolphin, tuna, and seeing, but not connecting on a couple of billfish. We fished all the hot spots, including Tartar Bank, Devils Point, and Columbus Point. In the afternoon we ran over to Conception Island, where we anchored in 15 ' of water over top some coral heads for the night. We did some snorkling and a bit of bottom fishing, while feasting on the days catch prepared by Chefs Joe and Bob.

Our second day we trolled around Conception, and quickly released a nice white marlin. The trolling action was not all that great this morning, so we decided bottom fish and deep drop most of the day, putting together a nice catch of yellowtail, assorted grouper, yellow-eyes, and black snapper. We dropped the hook back in the same spot and spent another great night over at Conception, relaxing and sipping cocktails in the protected anchorage.

Looking to get back on a good troll bite, we ran back to Colombus Point first thing the next morning. Everything looked promissing and after patiently pounding the edge, we got into a pretty good bite of yellowfin, dolphin, and we released our second white of the trip. Having hit it pretty hard we wrapped up the trolling about 2:00 and free-dove for a couple hours, then set the hook down, just inside Columbus Point in another great anchorage called Winding Bay. At dusk we battled with a bunch of sharks that came calling and had a blast playing around with them for a couple hours.

The last day the yellowfin bite was pretty good, and we boated a half dozen or so, while loosing several to the resident sharks at Colubus Point. We also had a couple more billfish shots, but failed to connect this morning. We headed for the barn, arriving back at the dock about 12:00 and loaded back on the plane for our 2 hour ride to Ft. Lauderdale. For sure a great time was had by all on a very relaxing and fun filled trip. The weather was great, the anchorages provided great sleeping and fun diving and fishing opportunities. Sid and I are all ready making plans for next year! Here's a couple picutures from the trip:

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