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My name is Stacey S. and i am a student at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. I am doing a class research project along side of two other classmates are doing a project on the epidemic that is effecting the small-mouth bass in the susquehanna and juniata rivers. I have a short questionnare and all g.p.s. readings and locations will be kept in strict confidence and not published.
1. How long have you been working in the area as a professional fisherman?
If an amature how long have you been fishing in the area?
2. where do you primarily fish? (gps/locations)
3. number from log books?
4. have some fishing locations been hit harder than others?
5. year to year have you noticed a decline in the small-mouth bass population?
6. Size and health of fish and how are you judging that?
7.Any signs of bacteria attacking the fish?(sores ect..)
8. Any signs of pollutants in the water?
9. Any comments youhave or insights will be welcomed
10.what is your email and may we contact you if we have any questions?

you can respond to this post either here on this sight or my email directly at [email protected]
thank you for any insight you can share:) and may your line always have a fish on it!
this is soley for eduactional research to shed some light on the declining small-mouth bass population concerning the susquehanna and juniata rivers
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