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Kim & I fished with the "Carolina Division" a few years and had a great time--moved to Knoxville and with building a house etc have not had as much fishing time.

Kim is thinking of fishing the BASS Womens Tourny on Neeley-Henry next April--just wondered if any of the "Carolina Gang" might be there.

Is Sherry Lyles still on this board--we would like to hear form her-sent an e-mail to our last contact address--contact us at
[email protected][][smile][smile]
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Not part of the Carolina gang,but part of the GA gang, and I am thinking about fishing the Neeley Henry tourney as well. I think it will be interesting!![grin]
Stacey--e-mail us if you decide to fish either as a pro or co-angler. Kim will be a co-angler and we plan to go down and fish and will be happy to share info and see a friendly face.

[email protected][smile][smile][smile]
Well as long as Stacy's "other" half doesnt show up....you will see a friendly face[grin]
Somebodys got to show her where the fish are. She can usually catch them but she needs her guide to put her on them. Unlike a certain retired director who has to have his wife find them and catch them for him.[grin][grin][grin]
Just in case you were wondering, I do read this also.......I believe I waxed your a$$ at Neeley Henry when we were there last time mister.......


Thanks DD for the compliment.

I'm not sure if I am going to try and take the boat and be a boater or just go as a co-angler, but my plan is to be there!
Well I can ride a ....no not that....Well I got more deer than she did last year....no thats not true either....Hmmmm Oh yeah I got it! I am a better turkey hunter than she is! There[tongue]. There is something I can do better than she can. Never mind that she has never been and has no desire too...thats not the point[grin]

Stacy go easy on the dude. You know how fragile us dudes can be[wink]

Good luck to both you and Kim. If ya'll go be sure and hook up with them. They are Super Good People.

Jim & Kim! Good to hear from you. Let us know how it turns out!
Hey Stacy and David--we do remember you all and just think it would make a nice vacation and let Kim have some fun--Good Ole DD--nice to hear from you all too--guess the "Carolina Times" were some of out best. The Guys&Doll folks were lots of fun to be around and the tournaments were conducted very well.

Jim and Kim, you guys should come back and join us again. We have a couple that comes from Tenn to fish the Al West side. We would love for you guys to join us.[excited] Stacy I was also thinking about fishing Neeley, and like you I also smoked my other half[grin][grin]. Oh well guys you cant do it all[angel]

The guides get no credit at all....[sad][sad][sad]
No we dont at all David dude! Thats alright though..."We" know who is the brains behind all the success
As long as you know and are willing to admit it, you will do just fine [wink]
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