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fished with su2root friday morning. We were at the dock at 05:00, on the sewer pipe before daylight. Had outgoing tide, thought we'd have some good topwater action, but no action at all. Went back to B/A jigging, with the first keeper in about 12' of water, right off the pipe. Fished the pipe until the current stopped, caught 5 keepers, kept a 20" and a 22". Once the current stopped we jigged the ledge on that side, 25'-40' of water, caught bluefish, keeper perch and small rockfish. After that we found some birds, and caught a couple of bluefish. Couldn't come up with a 4th species to give us the "Sewer Pipe Slam" :rolleyes: . su2root outfished me, as he always does. He says it's blind luck, but if you read his other reports you'll see that he knows how to fish!

Water was about 59 degrees, had a great day on the water, and the "wind forecasters" were incorrect again.

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