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:thumbup:I'll be out tomorrow, look for me on 68 if you want to chat.

Hi Mike,

Tried Old School, etc. and Littleboyblue on the water today, but no reply. Others calling too, but no reply. Guess my transmit isn't working. I get incoming OK, but . . . guess one more thing to go to the shop.

Only got one bite and landed in Butchers/cowpasture today and that was a 24-25 inch very fat striper. Got out late 1-4 PM and worried that I didn't know the area well enough to press my luck. Passed over some 10 foot deep areas and cried wolf. Lots of bait pods and marks with 'em. Even the white tornadoes were there, but we didn't connect. Maybe the wrong depth, etc.

More later, maybe Wed . . .

Regards, Joy T Brew

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Hey Joy,
We were out there, but in Grassy, maybe too far. If your radio is a handheld your problem is quite common. Northstar is up-grading me to their newest VHF, and I can most likely give you mine. It has air temp, a barometer, and all kinds of cool stuff that you will never use;-)

We fished longwood first with no pulls, then moved toward the mouth of Grassy, and found lots of fish, connected with a bunch, but all 18-20"ers. Planers, Floats, split shot lines.

This is the BEST year EVER for netting bait! Of course they are all Threadfin, but nice size. Every ramp has bait right in front, just mark em and throw.:clap:

We just cruised until we found water that was a few degrees warmer, and found fish.

Mike Smedley
Old School:cool2:
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