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went down to join my friends going out of Solomons . after waiting for the windshield to defrost in the 39' sea ray we putted out the creek and headed towards HI . jack our tackle guru had a spread of 16 rods planed for attack 10 on boards and six on the boat .buy time we had all the rods in the water it was about 8am . there were lots of boat trolling the area. it was still cold with a slight over cast enough to keep the gloves on we putted around with no strikes till about 10:30 when the sun began to warm the water and not to mention our bodies when zzzzzz there it went the farthest line out with a umbrella and a metal flake silver Jack the tallest of the group reached up and grabbed the rod and handed it to me and said their you go big boy its all yours and then asked if he should go eat breakfast while I reeled it in since it was in the next county. man what a battle it was to get the cow to the boat . a fat over 40 fish .just before the cow gets to the boat he appears to have gotten tangled in one of the boat rods releasing the line from the clip then zzzzz there went that line another fish on a nice 36" fish .
then the smoke cleared and we had two in the box and another hour or so goes by and since we have a prankster on board I thought it was time to pull one on him so I reach over and hit one of the lever drags a zzzzz heads snap around and I am laughing and the zzzzzz there it went the same rod barley had my hand off it so I grab the rod and handed it to the capt of the ship Doug and said hold on its a fat one . sure enough a twinn to the first one . trolled around another hour or so and zzzzz there it went again fish on for the tackle guru a twinn to the 36'' trolled around trying to pick up some shorts but there were none to be found . hopfully they will stay around a little while longer there was bait allover the placeonce the sun was up.

enter the water enter the food chain

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