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Better Than Working

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We pulled Blues Chaser out of Taylor's Landing at 8:45 Friday with two of my good friends and one of his sons who earned a good behavior parole from school for a day of fishing. We spent all day trolling hard and laughing hard and enjoying the sights and the water and each other's company. When the evening began to overtake us, we ran home to Taylor's and some of Surf Rider's crab cakes.To those who consider such a day as a loss, you either fish so much that it has become necessary for you to catch a limit to be happy,or you need to take a little time to recognize what a beautiful place this state is and take the time to enjoy a really nice day on the water in the later stages of January. How blessed we are! P.S. There were some way better fishermen than me who got skunked yesterday, but none enjoyed his fishing trip more than me. Beats the heck out of work!
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Great report! Glad y'all enjoyed some fellowship on the water. It was definitely SLOOOOW out there yesterday!

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