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Just got back from Bald Head. Got out to one of the artificial reefs (I think A20..?) and had a couple nice strikes on the fly rod from spanish cruising around. Lots of spot and croaker on the bottom as well and saw several doormat flounder pulled up before we left. Seas started to get a little choppy as the day rolled on, so we hit the east beach hook around cape fear point to surf fish. Tons of bait all over - caught 5" and 6" finger mullet to live bait. 8' rod with 8 lb. test and a 15 lb. shock leader which made it a lot of fun. Almost immediately after I had the first bait in the water, it was slammed and as soon as I set the hook, it blew up on the surface. There was clean break at the hook, so I figured it was a big sand shark. Not too long after, I had a nice 5-6 pound jack on and then saw a very large sand shark pushing through the drop-offs and tidal holes along the bar. Probably feeding on one of many small sting rays hanging right around the drop-off. Also some very large rays further out that made for a decent fight on a small rod.

I was chatting with one guy that walked by and he mentioned that he had seen several schools of tarpon right off the beach. I had been talking a walk on the beach a day earlier right after an afternoon shower and thought I had seen one roll, but couldn't tell whether it was a sand shark or a big tarpon...turns out it was likely the latter. Unfortunately, I didn't have as much time to keep the lines in the water, but not a bad week.

If there is a morning that the wind stays down, you would easily be able to reach a school of tarpon cruising the beach - especially with a kayak or boat...although you might end up in Wilmington if you were to hook one of those bigger tarpon.
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