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If by "Bi" yaks, you mean a tandem, the answer is yes. they are also called divorce boats because when the paddlers are out of sync, the mashing of paddles can get very irritating. We have a 19' Neck Amaruk made of kevlar. It weight about 65 pounds. This is not a sit-on-top, but fully enclosed with water-tight compartments fore and aft. We have had it to Maine and camped for 3 days with just what we could carry. I do not have rod holders, but have fished form it, but that was not a major reason for getting it. It works ok as a fishing yak, but I would add rodholders if I was serious about this use. It paddles very well, and easily and is very stable. with only one person onboard, you really want a bucket of sand in the front seat for balance. The space between the paddlers in ours almost totally eliminates paddles hitting whtn out of sync.

In December we rented a 13' tandem in Naples for an afternoon and I would never want to go double in another 13' yak. Just too small, unstable and hard to paddle.

In Maine we put on our spray skirts and paddled about a mile head into 2-3' whitecaps to get back to the car. We (actually my wife in the fornt) took quite a few waves in the face and chest, but the water rolled off and none entered the yak. What actually helped was that we had a very heavy load of gear aboard which provided both momemtyum and a low center of gravity which helped the stability.

We also rented a Scocumchuck(sp) which is a 23' yak in Maine on another trip when we went with 4 others and a guide for 3 days on the Maine Island trail. This was the Queen Mary of yaks and we carried all the food and cook gear for the group. This was a glass boat, very heavy, but once it got moving it was great and EXTREMELY stable. We also rented one of these years ago before we bought the Necky. We rented from Spring River in Eastport, Annapolis and paddled down Ego Alley next to a 55' sedan cruiser...looked kind of funny like mut and jeff.

Yaks are fun, but you have to fit your needs and desires.
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