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Our morning started out at 5:45am outside our Tourney. directors house with me stating that fishermen must be crazy to be up that early on Christmas Eve with 29 degree temps and a stiff NW wind. Our local one armed bandit said something to the effect of paper chasers can't be sissies. I shut up and got in the truck. We arrived at the ditch around 7 and met up with Craigs buddy, Robert who had been slayin the trout 3 of the last 5 days. Arriving at his Honey Hole we soon saw fish breaking nearby and upon repositioning Robert quickly caught two fish the first being 22in. Lets just say, I watched him closely for the next few moments, adjusted my retrieve when all of a sudden the Angels were heard from on high and thud... there he was. Big fish on my line. I fought him carefully and as it made its last few runs, multiple images of previous close calls ran threw my head. On the third try I finnaly got it into the net. 28 Glorious inches soon released for my very first Citation of any kind!!!! After fist pumps and high fives all around we all got back to the business of puttin the whoopdown on some Specks. 28 total fish today from 28" down to.......well, you'll see below. Steady action throughout the day. We left at around noon to begin Christmas stuff with our families.

I'd like to Thank Craig for teaching me the how to for this great Fishery. And to Robert for sharing his hotspot.
Also, Craigs on the mend everyone. He caught 6 today throwing lefty. I hate to admit it but he actually outc...... Oh BS I'm not gonna report that. He can if his broke ass wants to. Distance means nothing by the way on an entirely different topic. Its all skill. See below for yourself


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