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We just registered bullislandanglers.org as a website for our club. At Monday's meeting, I will be seeking input on content. Here is what I think we need at a minium.

1. Directory of officers. We will create generic email addresses like [email protected] that you can see on the website but are autoforwarded to your individual email address that is not visible to the general public. This protects your privacy as well as keeping the email addresses constant as board members change positions from year to year.

2. Calendar of meetings and events.

3. Directions to the church meeting site.

4. Bylaws.

5. Meeting minutes.

Will also discuss having our own internal message board for members only resident on the bullislandanglers.org website. I think I know how to do this and the software is free.

I honestly believe we need a viable website in order to grow the club. The club needs more members and we need to have some serious discussions about ways to grow the club or we will be rotating the officers around just a few individuals year after year.

See ya'll Monday.
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