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Alot of you guys informed me I should wait until a latter date to ask for fishing imf. for a hopeful trip to rem.!! Well the time has come and some of you fellow fishermen seemed eager to help. I understand the rock bite has slowed to a halt. I have a 22 ft sportscraft and am a ballsy, hard-core fisher. Do you fellas think I should go to this place in Hatteras for the jigging? We were already willing to drive to Hatteras for the rock. I have the gear minus the jigs just want to know, if the wind is 9 mph ,will I be safe ? What types of lures? What other types fishing is there from Va. Beach to Hatteras. Hoping for you intel. input, and hope get to have a chance to visit w/ whoever will be down there on the radio. My nickname is SHINN-bone and fish off of the " GIT-N-BENT" Thank you MARK SHINN.:helpsmilie:
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