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I went out fishing with Brian & Cathy Dec.29th and I caught a Big striper at the Lattimer Shoal area on drifting eel.
The fish was left overnight in the fish box as we did not get in to the dock until after 9 PM. We expect to weigh the fish in the AM at Taylor's landing after fueling at Cove Marina.

Quote from Brian Hobson's TF post the next day.

Chuck and I took the fish to Taylor's this morning for weigh-in.

Length was 47", girth was 29", and weight was 45#-6oz.

She went from the scale to the cleaning table, for surgery at the hands of Dr. Flounderman2001.

Maybe we can find some more to start the New Year - but after the blow... :yes:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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