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Well as POPEYE THE SAILORMAN has said in the past..."I've had all I can standzzzz and I can't
standzzzz anymore"
Fish in this photo has a length of 48" and a girth of 29"...A "Whitewater Screamer"...for sure!!!!
I needed a fishing "fix" as bad as I have ever needed one in my life,...this has been as
"Sorry.a.Sucka$$" winter as I can remember.
I contacted Rob Alderman who is the "General" of the REELBUZZ "Surf Fishing" website on here and him,my son Patrick and I went "Down South" on a "Recon" mission today.
We spent the first part of the day setting the bait net and sight fishing.
What this was .....we'd set the bait net and let it soak 15 to 30 minutes while we rode around looking for a school of Big Reds. We'd come back and fish the net and reset it,...then go back to looking for the Big school.
We did this all morning till we had enough bait to go bait fishing for the Big Reds,....we could have easily stumbled upon a big school of them sight fishing but we did'nt.....this is just the way the deal works,
We picked a spot in the "White Water Rage" threw the anchor and started fishing.
Wound up catching 4 outta 6 Nice Big Reds between
50 to 35 pounds.
Here's the days I have left open this Spring
April 7,8,11,12,13,14,18,19,20am,21am,26,27,28,
May 2,3,5,6
June 25
This type of fishing is **** shot..it is just as easy to be a "Hero" as it is a "Zero".......but there is other types of fishing to do if this bottoms out.
Contact me if your interested at
Home 252-473-1209
Boat 252-473-8432
Email [email protected]

48" Length and 29 " girth





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Nice pics Cato, saw them earlier on your site, I'll bet they fight better than the rock, blues and sharks we had before X-Mas near the Research Pier with Jamie Clough's crew ( jumbo 1 )[smile]
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