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Today I had the opportunity to get in a fishing trip.:clapping2:

Tim (teembo) my neighbor called and said he would have the boat running and ready to go just for me to get to the dock.
We departed the pier about 12:30PM and went and tried to jig at the RD Island area over the tube NADA.
The current was in it's mid stage outgoing and Tim decided to operate the boat while I caught the fish,(NICE GUY to do that for me) trolling my favorite buck tail lure:clap:.

I caught some throwbacks about 5 in the 20-22" range. I then hit pay dirt after about 1/2 hour of trying for bigger fish. Lost 3 rigs in the rocks but then the First fish caught was a 28 incher then 23" then 2 more 28 inchers to make our limit.:thumbup:

I have a picture for Lucian to include in the wire line .

Not bad after a short time out as we were back at the dock cleaning shortly after 4 PM.
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