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Lots of folks are concerned that NC does not do reciprocity with VA, that they have no boat license and that they charge more for out of state licenses than in state licenses.

Anyway now is your chance to do something about it. This bill will allow VMRC to level the playing field.

HB 2223, Recreational saltwater license. Authorizes the Marine Resources Commission to charge nonresidents a higher fee to purchase the saltwater recreational license than the amount paid by residents. The bill also authorizes the Commission to prohibit the sale of a private boat recreational fishing license to a nonresident of a state that does not have a similar licensing option.

My understanding is that this bill was tabled today, which is different than being passed by indefinitely, the latter is basically a way to kill a bill most certainly for the current legislative session. So if you feel that this type change is a good idea. Here is your chance.

In order to get it back on the table folks should call the members of the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee and request that it be reconsidered when they next meet. Below are there names and Richmond numbers. Also you can call the constituent hot line between (800) 889-0229 (outside of Richmond) (804) 698-1990 (in Richmond area). Here is a link to find your legislator. Welcome to the Virginia General Assembly - Who's My Legislator?

Call and ask to talk to the legislator, their legislative aid or simply to leave a polite message voicing your support for House Bill 2223.

House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee

Delegate Harvey Morgan, Gloucester, (804) 698-1098, [email protected]

Delegate M. Kirkland Cox, (804) 698-1066, [email protected]

Delegate Beverly J. Sherwood, Winchester, (804) 698-1029, [email protected]

Delegate R. Lee Ware, Jr., Powhatan, (804) 698-1065, [email protected]

Delegate Thomas C. Wright, Jr. Victoria, (804) 698-1061, [email protected]

Delegate Robert D. Orrock, Sr., Thornburg, (804) 698-1054, [email protected]

Delegate Christopher B. Saxman, Staunton, (804)698-1020, [email protected]

Delegate Clarke N. Hogan, South Boston, (804) 698-1060, [email protected]

Delegate Edward T. Scott, Culpeper, (804) 698-1030, [email protected]

Delegate Daniel W. Marshall, III, Danville, (804) 698-1014, [email protected]

Delegate Matthew J. Lohr, Harrisonburg, (804) 698-1026, [email protected]

Delegate Charles D. Poindexter, Glade Hill, (804) 698-1009, [email protected]

Delegate Brenda L. Pogge, Yorktown, (804) 698-1096, [email protected]

Delegate Kenneth R. Plum, Reston, (804) 698-1036, [email protected]

Delegate James M. Shuler, Blacksburg, (804) 698-1012, [email protected]

Delegate Albert C. Eisenberg, Arlington, (804) 698-1047, [email protected]

Delegate Stephen C. Shannon, Vienna, (804) 698-1035, [email protected]

Delegate Lynwood W. Lewis (Bill's sponsor), Accomac, (804) 698-1000, [email protected]

Delegate David L. Bulova, Fairfax Station, (804) 698-1037, [email protected]

Delegate Margaret G. Vanderhye, McLean, (804) 698-1034, [email protected]

Delegate Robert W. Mathieson, Virginia Beach, (804) 698-1021, [email protected]

Delegate Joseph F. Bouchard, Virginia Beach, (804) 698-1083, [email protected]

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As someone who is not a full-time VA resident, I am of course, opposed to this bill on its face. However, as an attorney who spends a good bit of time in my own State Capitol, I can tell you first hand that license fee pi$$ing contests do not benefit residents of either state, or the wildlife. There has been a raging feud b/t Mississippi and Louisiana for years, because LA residents come to MS to deer hunt and MS residents go to LA to fish for reds & specs. What happened to all this extra money being charged to non-residents? It goes to putting extra man power in the field to police license violations and other associated hostilities resultant from the feud. Trent Lott, RIP(;-)) stepped in a few years back and he and John Breaux (R-LA) and things are sliding back neutral between the two states and the focus is now more on habitat development, research and less bother about policing rogue license violators.

I agree that NC & VA should get together on some sort of reciprocity and feel that VA is in the right, but respectfully disagree that this bill is the way to accomplish that task.
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